clara ☆ 20 ☆ she/her

infp, chaotic good
april 25th, taurus
pt(br)/en/spn ok!
rio de janeiro, brazil
digital media design student

danganronpa (mostly 2 and ndrv3)

fire emblem

persona 5

night in the woods


band yarouze
osirisP, crystal crossP


ensemble stars
valkyrieP, knigthsP, 2b-P

granblue fantasy

bang dream

cookie run
wizard cookie, herb cookie

mo dao zu shi
jiang cheng, wen ning, lan zhan, wei wuxian
+ juniors

mob psycho 100

the promised neverland

jojo's bizarre adventure

banana fish

pandora hearts

vanitas no carte
♡ dominique de sade ♡

show by rock
shuzo, titan, crow, rom

hunter x hunter

kuroko no basket

d. gray man

⇢ Part 2: Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa
⇢ Part 4: Josuke
⇢ Part 5: Buccellati + the gang (Narancia, Mista, Fugo, Giorno & Abba)
⇢ Part 7: Johnny, Diego, Hot Pants, Gyro, Lucy Steel

hypnosis microphone (hypmic)
buster bros, saburo, hifumi, doppo... everyone tbh

⇢ the umbrella academy

⇢ captive prince

⇢ marvel cinematic universe (occasionally)

⇢ danganronpa 2

⇢ danganronpa v3

⇢ fire emblem

⇢ band yarouze

⇢ ensemble stars

⇢ dream!ing

⇢ granblue fantasy

⇢ bang dream

⇢ mo dao zu shi

⇢ jojo's bizarre adventure

⇢ others

⇢ hypnosis microphone

i tweet/retweet heavy

im super lazy so sometimes i might take too long to answer

i probably wont follow back if you dont have a carrd/listo/a small intro, sorry!

if you want to unfollow me i dont have any problems with it but i'll be thankful if you soft block instead

general dfi criteria

you ship buster bros incest

you don't like any of my favorite characters

if you have anything against/don't agree with feminism

please tag the following:
body/beauty standards

don't accept other people's opinions

you make fun of people's tastes

my anime list
discord: clara#3746
priv twitter: dm me
line: dm me